🎉 Exciting News!! Vultr and Linode are added in Cloudways Managed Hosting | Use code “VL30” for 30% off in 3 months!! – Geeky Script

🎉 Exciting News!! Vultr and Linode are added in Cloudways Managed Hosting | Use code “VL30” for 30% off in 3 months!!

We have an exciting update for all our current and potential users! Cloudways Managed Hosting has just added two popular cloud providers Vultr and Linode. This means you now have access to over 60 server locations across the US, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, and more. With this Cloudways Managed Hosting ensures that you can achieve the best performance for your website, no matter where your audience is located.

Why Choose Vultr and Linode?

Vultr and Linode are renowned in the cloud hosting industry for their reliability, performance, and affordability. Here’s a brief overview of each:

Figure 1: Vultr Cloud Hosting

Vultr is a cloud hosting provider known for its high-performance SSD cloud servers. Established in 2014, Vultr aims to simplify the deployment of infrastructure via its advanced cloud platform. With 28 locations worldwide, Vultr ensures low latency and superior connectivity.

Figure 2: Linode Cloud Hosting

Founded in 2003, Linode has been a pioneer in the cloud hosting industry. Linode focuses on providing robust and affordable cloud solutions with a strong emphasis on simplicity and transparency.

Benefits of Using Vultr and Linode in Cloudways

  1. Enhanced Performance: With servers located in multiple regions, you can ensure your website loads quickly and efficiently for users around the globe.
  2. Scalability: Both Vultr and Linode in Cloudways offer scalable solutions, allowing you to easily upgrade your resources as your website grows.
  3. Reliability: These providers are known for their high uptime and robust infrastructure, ensuring your website remains accessible at all times.
  4. Affordability: With flexible billing options and competitive pricing, you can find a hosting solution that fits your budget without compromising on quality.
  5. Developer-Friendly: Both platforms in Cloudways offer a range of tools that make it easy to manage your hosting environment and deploy applications.
Figure 3: Vultr Data Centers
Figure 4: Linode Data Centers

Take Advantage of Limited-Time Offer!

To celebrate the addition of Vultr and Linode, Cloudways are offering a special promotion! Sign up now with the promo code “VL30” and get 30% off your first three invoices. So don’t miss out on the chance to enhance your website’s performance with top-tier cloud hosting at a discounted rate.

Click the link below to sign up and take advantage of this incredible offer:

🚀Don’t miss out on this exclusive offer! Elevate your online presence with Vultr and Linode in Cloudways.

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